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Fresh Revenues: Why Choose Us

When you partner with us, we guarantee you a collaborative relationship that will culminate in the absolutely freshest revenue production techniques.


Our clients say the nicest things.

“I came to Don and his partners at Fresh Revenues hoping to nudge my company over just one narrow obstacle that we wished to overcome. Don’s team set out immediately to offer me creative solutions that I could use to blow past this hurdle, and at the same time, Fresh Revenues pointed out spots where my business could have been making more money that I never thought of. These guys really break their back for you when you commit to a business relationship, and they’ll continue to impress you through every step of the process.”

“As a business owner for the last twenty years, I’m no stranger to the difficulties involved in getting employees excited for work. When Fresh Revenues addressed my business conference, I realized they were a rare type of speaking service. My employees walked out of that conference wearing smiles, and emphatically conversing about how they could use what they learned. The results began literally the minute the conference had ended. The change was immediate! I can’t express my appreciation enough: Fresh Revenues changed both my workforce and my business for the better!”


Realize. Anticipate. Surpass.

Our relationship with you and your business begins by taking a clean and comprehensive look at your company. Through our holistic diagnostic procedures, we’ll get to know the inner workings of what makes you who you are, and the internal spirit that drives your particular ambitions to grow. At the same time, our perspective as outsiders will provide your business access to the fresh vantage points required to accurately assess both where your business currently stands, and how you can best move forward.

By getting to know you both inside and out, we’ll pinpoint your company’s competitive strengths and circumstantial advantages. We’ll also constructively analyze weaknesses, and determine the strategic advantages where you hold the potential to grow.

Our emphasis on assessment is crucial to forming the foundations for a productive and honest business relationship. Don’t trust consulting services that parachute in with predetermined figures and formulas. We realize that only by taking the time and effort to get to know your company, will we ever be able to help you reach your maximum profit potential.


Seriously fresh.

After we’ve fully assessed your company’s unique positioning, we’ll have all we need to develop and discuss seriously fresh innovation strategies catered to increasing your revenues.

Every business is different. We understand that the highest degree of profit maximization is never achieved from the overarching umbrella strategies acquired from dusty old textbooks. Our competitors like to pass around the same lessons that they carry from company to company. At Fresh Revenues, our partnership means being concerned with only one organization — yours.

Serious business leaders want customized solutions to achieve their ambitious goals, and this is what we’re going to give you. We have what’s needed to develop new project ideas and refresh your company’s existing business initiatives. You’ll know right away you’ve chosen to work with the best.


We don’t quit early. We do the job right.

Let’s face it, new business models are great, but they don’t go far without the active knowledge required to truly implement change. At Fresh Revenues. We’re not going to just hand you a package of new business strategies and walk away from the job. Instead, we’re going to stand beside you and do our part to transform our strategies into your business reality.

This is what real partnership means to us, and we have the know-how to bring the changes and improvements your company needs. This is where we roll up our sleeves. This is where we really start digging. We know it’s here that the real work of consulting is done, and also that this is where your real rewards will be gained.

Let us actively and creatively produce the changes that your company strives for. We don’t quit early. We do the job right.


Keep a permanent revenue-driven culture.

We’re not only going to plant the seeds of increased revenues, we’re going to provide the ongoing care and cultivation that drives positive growth. We’re going to make sure these changes blossom and that your company flourishes.

With ongoing and individually orchestrated reinforcement modules, we know how to help your business stay fresh and to ensure your success. Between lasting cultural improvements and our demonstrated ability to identify new potential for growth, the final result for your business is exactly what it takes to leave your competition in your wake.

We believe that only consistent personal connections can foster the loyalty required to establish lasting empowerment. By steeping your company in pride and ownership at each systemic layer, we’ll help you invent a continual and permanent revenue-driven culture. Really, this boils down simply: We’re going to make you more money both now and in the long-term. To us, that’s real profit maximization.

We don’t just pull weeds.

Our distinct and confident approach to profit maximization infers a partnership of mutual reward. If you’re not satisfied with the tailored solutions we bring to your company, you’ll have received our services free of charge. That’s right: When you choose us, results are 100% guaranteed. To us, that’s not just some clever incentive. It’s a sign of respect.

At Fresh Revenues, letting you down literally means letting ourselves down, and we simply can’t have that. Whether your business is struggling to keep up with the competition, or you’re simply looking to break through to the next level, let our solutions propel your company’s success.


To provide our clients customized sales & service programs and processes that will produce a loyalty-driven culture resulting in increased revenues and ROI.


To work with great people, who are as passionate as we are, doing great work and having fun at it.


To help our select clients forever distance themselves from their competition.