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Highest Quality New Revenue Generating ServicesBy strategically diagnosing every working part of your company, we’ll offer you the solutions you need, want, and can start using today for the long term.

We have everything you need to creatively boost your company’s rate of growth and outpace that of your competition. Our measurable and results-driven approach will bring you improvements you hadn’t even anticipated. With Results Guaranteed!


Talk the talk. Walk the walk.

Whether you bring us into your next large scale conference or more intimate internal business meeting, our keynote and breakout speaking services will captivate audiences and give you the tools to maximize your potential. Learn the skills it takes to harvest unrealized possibilities. Our sessions are designed to engage, encourage, and leave a lasting impression. We’ve spoken at over 500 events and what floats our boat is achieving the highest rating among all other presenters. We like what we do.

You’ve never witnessed a speaking event like the one we’ll bring to your company. Like everything we do, our speaking engagements are uber-energetic, direct, honest and fun. At Fresh Revenues, our adept speakers know how to strike the perfect balance between inspiring and informative, entertaining and educational. This isn’t the same old stuff that you’re used to. It’s simple: We’re good at this.

Fresh Revenues - Member of the National Speakers Association


100% Guarantee. We’re that kind of good.

We’ve gotten good at hitting moving targets. Our focused and customizable training sessions are designed not only to maximize but also augment your associates’ productive capacity.

We’ll bring in the tactical and practical solutions that intensify your associates’ individual contributions to your business goals. Reinvigorate your collective employee sense of purpose, and see for yourself the bottom-line changes that result from transforming the way they think about walking into the workplace each day.

Our training professionals know how to get in, get their hands dirty, and get you the type pf breakthroughs that’ll mean boosted revenues and increased ROI. We’re so confident in our post-training reinforcement methods that we guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay. Period.


Straight shooting with no hidden agendas.

If you’re as passionate about increasing your revenues as we are, we know you’re looking for more than just one-stop quick fixes. You want ongoing profit maximization practices, and constant anticipation of new revenue sources, every day.

Fresh Revenues’ robust and broad-gauged consulting services will not only help you innovate, but keep you innovative throughout the foreseeable future. Let us stand by your side in a real and genuine partnership to keep your company running at peak efficiency. We’ll provide you the persistent advantages that accelerate your business beyond the reach of your competition. Together, we’ll help you find new revenue sources that you haven’t even considered. When you work with us, it’s all you.


Fresh Revenues University

Join the Fresh Revenues University community. As part of our reinforcement programs we have learned that eLearning can be a powerful tool to communicate and provide ongoing support to your associates. Whether it’s a new company standard or a comprehensive training program, Fresh Revenues builds engaging, interactive eLearning tools that create unique and individual learning experiences. 

Customized eLearning tools can be hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS) or ours. 

Grow the life you deserve.

Fresh Revenues: Learn Best Business Practices from the Best

Implement game changing skills.

Fresh Revenues - Request +1

Fresh Revenues has designed, delivered and reinforced sales and service training that gets everyone in your business to be a revenue generating associate by raising the level of their service and selling skills. We call it Request+1 and Fix+1. When any of our clients is asked the question “how many salespeople do you have?,” they can honestly say… “everyone in the company.” Talk about game changing skills that drive a loyalty driving sales and service culture. These training initiatives do just that. We have clients generating “fresh” revenues to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year alone by implementing our stuff… and it starts happening the day we teach this.

Fresh Revenues - Fix +1

Ask us about it… we’d be more than happy to share how we can do this for you.

Guaranteed Results: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Results Guaranteed.

Our matchless emphasis on training reinforcement makes us confident enough to offer you a 100% GuaranteeFor us, this is really what revenue cultivation is all about.
Be confident. Grow with us.