How to Brainstorm Efficiently

Great ideas are behind everything you do in your business, which means efficient brainstorming is vital. How can you brainstorm better? Consider these tips.  Brainstorming as a Group

Brainstorming in the business world can be effective if it’s done right. Try these ideas to make the most of your brainstorming session:

Anything goes

This is one of the most classic laws of brainstorming. Write everything down, even if it seems ridiculous at the time.

Invite the devil’s advocate

You know that person who always asks questions or finds something wrong with development? That person can be very helpful when coming up with a new process or tool. Just make sure that your devil’s advocate is well informed and not just trying to be argumentative.

Stretch it out

For big ideas, you’ll need a little more time. Don’t limit yourself to one long brainstorming session and allow your group to get burnt out.

Create a safe space

Try to create an environment where your group members will feel free to share any of their ideas. Maybe that means keeping the boss out of the brainstorming sessions or meeting in a relaxed atmosphere.

Think like a child

Now, don’t go jumping in puddles, but become curious. Ask questions. Get to the root of an idea or an issue by asking why or trying to more fully understand.

Change your perspective

Depending on what you are brainstorming, try imagining yourself in the place of your customers, your shareholders, or your boss. How does that change things?

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